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søndag den 22. juli 2012

Handmade embellishment (Hard Core Crop #6)

So I finished another challenge from the Core'dinations blog last night. Yeah! The challenge was to create your own handmade embellishment with Core' cardstock. I cut out two feathers inspired by/liftet from these on Pinterest. Loove how the big feather looks with the sanded whitewash cardstock!

OK, this one is me totally playing... guess I got really inspired this weekend to try something new!

I LOVE this photo of my beloved grandma and my eldest son. They turned 100 years end of June - that is if you add her 94 years to his 6 years!

I also created this quick card for a mini challenge to use an outlining technique. The card is a little too bare, but I saw the challenge 20 minutes before deadline, so I had no time to embellish nicely. For this technique I sanded on top of a chipboard cloud. This was actually my third try and it still looks pretty I outlined the shape with a pen! The only sanding paper I have been able to find was grain80, which is not fine at all. Worked fine with my other projects, but not this one. Seemed to destroy my cardstock with this technique, or maybe it's just me :-) Anyway it was fun to try something new...again!

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melissa :) sagde ...

Your Core' feathers are lovely!! a little tip for you to help with more successful sanding... i like to sand in a circular motion rather than a side-to-side technique to achieve the best results :) great work!!