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lørdag den 13. juli 2013

Project Life (week 20+21)

Here are the last two weeks of May 2013. The baby isn't mine, but gosh I feel lucky to be able to photograph these precious little newborns. The first week we once again went to the Medieval Market at Valby. Such an awesome Pinse-tradition. 

Oh, and Denmark won the European Song Contest! hooray!

That little white tube-thing I'm holding in my hand is my life-saver. It's a shunt that regulates the flow of my spinal fluid as my body cannot absorb it the normal way. I have a condition called Hydrocephalus, and this week the Danish Hydrocephalus Association met in Jylland. 

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lam sagde ...

super flotte sider fyldt med mange søde detaljer. Her kan jeg godt finde inspiration ;O)