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torsdag den 20. juni 2013

On following blogs

Have you used Google Reader as your way of keeping up with blogs you follow? July 1 marks the end of Google Reader, so what happens then? Guess you can still use the Blogger Reading List if you're using Blogger. Otherwise Bloglovin' is a great replacement, as you can import the blogs you’re following on Google Reader/Google Friend Connect to Bloglovin. And you know how I love little things that save my time :-)

Sign up to Bloglovin with your email and import the blogs you follow to Bloglovin: Go to this page, click on 'Google Reader' and then on 'Import from Google Reader', grant Authentication and you're ready to continue following your favorite blogs.

I get a daily e-mail with updates from my favorite blogs. Love it! I also have an App on my photo so I can browse thru the new blog entries.

Feedly is also a great App for following blogs/sites you signed up for using Google Friend Connect. You can logon with your Google credentials and migrate your subscriptions. Really easy!

And don't forget to still stop by your favorite blogs to leave some love once in a while. Invest a minutes to leave a comment and you're sure to make someones day :-)

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