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fredag den 11. oktober 2013

Christmas Stamps (Brandt-Lassen Design)

So this is really exciting new. For me at least! This is my second stamp release (Yes, I know the blog readers missed the first one. I'll catch up on that someday) and I'm so happy to share the new Christmas stamps with you.

It is crazy un-believeable to have my very own stamps for sale at scrapbooking stores.  And totally out of this world SUPER COOL to see projects show up on blogs and Instagram using my stamps (and flair buttons).

I'm am beyond thankful for the support of the Danish scrapbooking community. You have made this humble girl very happy!

These stamps are for sale at my Etsy shop for 72 Dkr. They measure 9.5x9.5 cm. 
Right now you get free shipping and these matching flair buttons if you buy all 6 stamp sets. 

The stamps will also be for sale at your local Danish Scrapbooking stores. How exciting is that??!!

2 kommentarer:

Thanni sagde ...

Hold op hvor er det nogen skønne stempler! :)
Lige dét der manglede til div. juleprojekter :)

Kim sagde ...

wowowow how amazing to have your own stamps!! huge congrats!