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tirsdag den 30. april 2013

Cards in spring colors

It is looking a lot like spring outside in Denmark, so I wanted to show some cards I've made for the David Tutera Celebrate line these past 6 months. I picked a few in spring colors, and hope you like them. You can always get more card inspiration on the David Tutera Celebrate Facebook page. You might recognize a card of mine occationally :-)




tirsdag den 23. april 2013

Project Life (week 10)

And now we are back in the daily routine in Denmark. I started work two days after we returned home. Hadn't been working for 14 months due to the difficult pregnancy, maternity leave and extended leave for our Asia-trip! I loved returning, but have to train my brain to think again. ha ha.

My journaling (my longest ever, I think) is hidden behind the Easter gækkebrev from Asbjørns friend.
 And another little helping hand:

søndag den 21. april 2013

95 years in your hands

Yeah,  for using girly colors on a layout with my son! I used a photo of my super cool 95-year old grandma holding Melvin. It was so touching seeing her old wrinkly hand hold his tiny brandnew (and therefore also wrinkly) hand, almost 100 year apart.

torsdag den 18. april 2013

Scrapsisters 5th birthday

The online Danish scrap-magazine is turning 5 years this month. They have a bunch of great challenges this month, and I created these two very different layouts.

I have also written an article about my Project Life process which was published in the magazine this week. You can read it here (in Danish).

The first layout was a sketch challenge. I once again avoided a huge paper circle and did some doodling and painting instead. Really don't like big circles!!

The next layout started out as a challenge to use 5 papers, 5 embellishments, 5 words in the title. But I had missed the tiny detail about the photo being 5 years old. Bummer! Lucky for me the layout fit perfectly into another challenge: to use a clock on a layout!

I added little vellum angel wings for my son. How fun!

mandag den 15. april 2013

Project Life (week 9)

We have reached the final week of our travels. We spend the week in Hong Kong. I had been looking so much forward to visiting the city again, but I was too full of great experiences to do any sightseeing or shopping. Instead we relaxed at the hotel, which had a fantastic view of the harbour, and spend two days at Disneyland. Perfect two days with no lines at rides, great weather and a happy happy 6-year old boy.

I have added an insert for this week, the park map. I used 3L Filing Strips instead of a page protector, so you can actually open the brochure.

Since we travelled during the Chinese New Year they had the cutest little envelopes at Disneyland. They were perfect for PL and for hiding the park ticket. Oh, and did I mention how much I love the photos of us with the Disney characters? We were photographed with at least 20 of them and the staff was always so nice to shoot with our own camera. I ended up having over 900 photos from those two days! And approx 9,500 total from our trip. I apparently take many photos. ha ha

lørdag den 13. april 2013

Rubberduck party

I finally got around to editing pics from a party we held for Melvin in September. I posted them on my photography blog, but also wanted to share them with you. My little sister, who is a true master of fantastic cakes and cake pops, and I have planned themed parties for some years now, and the planning, preparations and excecution of these parties is just as fun as the actual parties. This time the theme was rubberduck!

I still need to do the pictures from Asbjørns Toy Story party last summer. But there's so so many I don't know where to begin the editing process...

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onsdag den 10. april 2013

Project LIfe (week 7 + 8)

Two more weeks from our vacation, both on the Philippines (Manila and Coron).

We had out very first Valentine's celebration on Coron. The hotel staff had spend days decorating and preparing for this Valentine's evening. They were so excited they pretty much served all three courses at the same time (so cute) and they had prepared lots of entertainment and party games (I hate party games. well, all games actually!) for the couples. I participated with my husband (when our son was too small to do so) for the fact that I simply had to not to make the staff feel sad. So few people showed up for the celebration, even people that had signed up for it stayed away. Anyway, we ended up winning the grand price and got two hours of massage for free and icecream for our son :-). It was such a perfect evening just for the 4 of us. Oh, I forgot to tell I had to leave dinner quite suddenly as the baby had a diaper-accident all over my dress. It was dripping from the diaper, but luckely not until we got to our room... So for week 7 I kept a somewhat red-love-theme:


And here a familiar scene from the photo shoot:

mandag den 8. april 2013

Explore a whole new world

Got around to take a photo of this recent layout with pics from our trip to Borneo. I have merged two different photos on the layout, one of each side of the jetty. We stayed at a resort on the right side, and sea gypsies lived in a poor poor village on the left side.

lørdag den 6. april 2013

Project Life (week 5 + 6)

I have done a little catching up on Project Life the past weeks and am now just 1 week behind. That might never happen again, so I thought I'd share my enthusiasm! I have now finally taken pics of my pages and are ready to show them on the blog. Really haven't gotten back into taken pictures of my projects this year. It takes such a long time, and by now I must have 20 new layouts and many cards that might/might not make it to the blog. My days seem to dissapear so fast...

Here are two more weeks from out vacation. Our final week on Borneo (on the Kinabatangan river and in Kota Kinabalu) and first week on the Philippines (in Manila and on Bohol):

I think this was my first time trying a page protector with a 12x6" pocket. Worked perfectly with the city map, but the other side I would have done differently if I had the time (and had it as a priority to make a pretty Project Life. My priority is documenting, so it stays this way!)

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!