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lørdag den 30. marts 2013

Melvin's first birthday

Today my baby boy turns 1. He is the most wonderful, quiet, curious, laughing little baby. So different from his older brother. Melvin wants to eat by himself. Asbjørn never touched his food till he was 2. He crawls all over. Asbjørn never crawled, just went straight to walking, and I could go on. They also have many things in common and I love how obvious it is that they love each other. 

I am forever grateful that life granted me yet another fantastic little boy. They make me so happy. Every. Single. Day.

Happy Birthday, Melvin. Mommy loves you to the moon and back. Forever and always! And Then some.

torsdag den 28. marts 2013

Modelingpaste og glitter

This layout was made for Love2scrap using modeling paste/gesso and glitter. You can see how I created the background in this blog post. I have made quite a few layouts this past week. For every-single-one I used masks and modeling paste. It's so much fun!

mandag den 25. marts 2013

Project Life (week 3 + 4)

Time to show a few more weeks of my project life. These weeks we were in Singapore and started our jouney on Borneo. Do miss the warm weather when I look out the window and see snow!

I had brought pageprotectors and journaling cards on our trip and I'm so glad I did. I actually managed to get more journaling written than I usually do. Well, we also did more things than I usually do in a week, but still!
This year my project life remains very picture heavy, but so does my scrapbooking, so I guess it fits me. Journaling is not easy for me and I do take many, many pictures. And then some!

I have a few days off before Easter and I spend a lot of time going thru my stash. It is beyond time to let go of lots of scrapbooking items. I am drowning in paper. Never thought that would happen, but it has. I have already collected thousands of sheets of patterned paper for my sons school. Some date back to 2001 when I started scrapbooking, and will never be used by me. Time to let the papers go!
I am also in the middle of finishing layouts I have started but never finished. I must have 50+ such half-done layouts, some more than two years old. They need to be finished. Quickly. Yesterday I finished 9 layouts, some more pretty than others. But I'm done with them, which is the most important part of my scrapbooking: getting things documented. 

onsdag den 20. marts 2013

Efterår i Dyrehaven

This is just a quick post showing a layout that went up on the blog today. I have used Echo Park's For the Record 2 collection kit (the red edition), which include lots of colors for both boys, girls... and worked out perfect for my fall layout.

I punched circles and made them wet. While wet I bend the edges and let them dry.

My journaling is hidden behind the background.

lørdag den 16. marts 2013

David Tutera Wedding cards

Here are some of the wedding cards I've made with the David Tutera Celebrate Card System. I love how quickly you can make these cards as everything is precut and ready to use, yet there are endless ways of mixing and matching layers and embellishments.

onsdag den 13. marts 2013

Project LIfe (Week 1 + 2)

We started our year with 8 weeks of travels, and here are the first two weeks. I have mostly used Becky Higgins journaling card and paper scraps to make it quick and easy, as I had prepared my project life to bring along during our travels. It was the only way I knew I would be able to keep up! We spend the first week in Dubai:

And the second week we were in Malaysia: 


søndag den 10. marts 2013

Project Life 2013 (title page)

Oh my, almost a month flew by since I last visited my blog! Vacation, back to work after maternity leave and lots of other things happened. I even got crafty this past week after we got home from 60 days of travels. Did I mention how fantastic our trip was? I'll update remaining weeks...someday!
I started doing Project Life in 2012. It quickly became my No.1 project and remained a very treasured activity thru out the year. I still haven't updated all journaling from last year, but the photos are all in the binder *documenting a wonderful life*, our everyday life. I didn't find the time to photograph all my weekly spreads last year, not even close. But I'll try to keep up with the project on the blog this year. My Project Life will also be featured on the Scrapper and Love2scrap blogs using their products.
Here is my title page for the 2013 version. *Solstriben* is where we reside and always return, hence the tur-retur (meaning 'roundtrip', in the sense that we always return home). I made no manifest this year, but will be using 'Grow where you are planted' as a motto for my family. The picture of my feet symbolize keeping my/our feet on solid ground, grow roots and blossom no matter where and what.

You can see the pages from 2012 that actually did make it to the blog here.

Blogging is so time consuming, but it does feel good to be back. I hope to stay on track despite a busy life.
I've missed you, dear readers!