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onsdag den 8. januar 2014

Project Life 2014 (title page) + freebie

It's a new year. A new beginning. With eating habits, exercise, work, scrapbooking etc.... and also blogging? So welcome 2014. You've been expected and I trust it will be a good year for me. And for my family. I certainly need a good year. 2013 just wasn't a good year, but all the bad things that happened sure did force me to make sort of brave decisions and to think about changing a few key elements in my life. It feels good. I feel free.

Anyway, a new year also means the beginning of a new Project Life album. This is my 3rd year documenting our wonderful everyday life and I love it. Period. I'm only half way done with my 2013 album, but I will catch up while documenting 2014 (simply because it's important for me to document our everyday).

I haven't even started a 2014 folder for my photos on the computer yet, but the title page is done. That's a start for sure! I'm sort of in a grey/brown/black/white-kindda scrapbooking period, I guess...

I added a little red for sparkle...and used my everyday stamps and a flair button from the 'everyday set' (same link as stamps). 

I designed some filler cards to include in my title page this year. Feel free to download and use them. It's my first time uploading a file to share on the blog, so let me know if it doesn't work.

Title page printable (Danish)
Title page printable (English)

Let's document a wonderful life, shall we?